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History In the 1970s the Japanese motorcycle industry suffered from the slump in the domestic market following the 1973 oil crisis. The industry was unwilling to invest in the massive, capital-intensive development of new technologies required to create the new, competitive, models needed to attract overseas markets. It had become fashionable to claim that production motorcycle engines were developing by 10% a year and that by the early 1980s a motorcycle engine with a capacity of 500cc could produce (85 bhp). This, although not entirely accurate, was a simple metric by which to judge progress and Suzuki could afford to claim they could move from in the X80 to 85 bhp in the new XN85. They also used a new fuel injection system to achieve the claimed in spite of the fuel injection system having been installed at the factory only a few months earlier. The XN85 replaced the XN81, which had been a version of the then-current XN81 introduced in 1980 and had a lower claimed power output of and was available in manual and automatic versions. Like the X80, the XN85 was also a fully automatic system (CFM) so there was no manual clutch pedal. In 1982 the XN85 won the British Motorcycle Award. Chassis The XN85 was based on the XN81 with the engine and exhaust moved from the rear to the front. The front end was revised, with a new slightly offset frame and an integral fairing and fender that hid the headlamp. The rear end remained the same as the previous model, with a new single shock absorber. A revised fuel injection system was fitted, which was a joint development of BMW and Suzuki, with an interchangeable cylinder head for differing engines. The four-stroke engine had a capacity, and two cylinders were cast as a unit. The bore of the cylinder was set at. The stroke was. There were four valves per cylinder operated by a single overhead camshaft, with a centre rocker arm. The camshaft was driven by a chain from the crankshaft. Unlike most motorcycles of the time, the XN85 had a top speed of. The claimed power output was and the fuel injection system was a joint development by BMW and Suzuki. In spite of the claimed power output, the XN85 actually developed. A Suzuki brochure suggested that the engine could be




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Nx85 Crack

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