Time Saving Thanksgiving

Time Saving Thanksgiving


Add a little oomph to your Thanksgiving, without the extra work! This box is full of flavors for all of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes. Save time on prep without sacrificing taste.


Box includes - EVOO flavors of Sage & Onion, Blood Orange, and Bacon. Balsamic Vinegar will include Hickory, Cranberry Pear, and Maple!


Sage & Onion EVOO: The sweet flavor and aroma of sage and onion permeates this versatile olive oil. Use it to add the distinctive flavor of shallots to all of your favorite dishes. (2 oz.)


Blood Orange EVOO: This award-winning citrusy delight is sure to please the palate with the full flavorof tangy blood oranges. Robust and tantalizing, the perfect harmony of succulentfruit and vibrant aromatics entices the senses.  (2 oz.)


Bacon EVOO: Avoid the saturated fat and substitute our delectable Bacon Olive Oil wherever you love bacon flavor! No cute little piglets were harmed in the making of this oil. (2 oz.)


Hickory Balsamic: This balsamic adds a wonderful flavor to meats as a marinade or as a finishing touch. Add it to your grilled vegetables for a smokey flavor. (2 oz.)


Cranberry Pear Balsamic: Delectably sweet and tart. Use to make a variation of cranberry salad for thanksgiving (or any family get-together) or try in a spinach salad with dried cranberries and slivered almonds with Parmesean shavings. (2 oz.)


Maple Balsamic:  This Maple Balsamic is unique and delicious. No added sugars other than what is inherent in Maple Syrup. (2 oz.)

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