Holiday Munchies

Holiday Munchies


Everyone loves the Holiday Munchies! Make some of your favorites with ease and add lots of flavor. Your loved ones will be impressed!


Box includes - EVOO flavors of Fresh Harvest Garlic, Harissa and Bacon. Balsamic Vinegar flavors of Hickory, Maple, and Garlic


Fresh Harvest Garlic EVOO: Gold Medal - winning blend of fresh garlic and cold-pressed olive oil bursting with savory garlic flavor. (2 oz.)


Harissa EVOO: In its truest form, Harissa is a hot pepper chili paste, made from chili peppers, paprika and olive oil. This versatile spicy oil can be used in so many ways - to sauté vegetables, marinade chicken or pork, or use as the oil in your favorite hummus recipe for a nice smoky kick (2 oz.)


Bacon EVOO: Avoid the saturated fat and substitute our delectable Bacon Olive Oil wherever you love bacon flavor! No cute little piglets were harmed in the making of this oil. (2 oz.)


Hickory Balsamic: This balsamic adds a wonderful flavor to meats as a marinade or as a finishing touch. Add it to your grilled vegetables for a smokey flavor. (2 oz.)


Maple Balsamic:  This Maple Balsamic is unique and delicious. No added sugars other than what is inherent in Maple Syrup. (2 oz.)


Garlic Balsamic: Our new White Garlic Balsamic - Very strong garlic flovor you're bound to love! (2 oz.)

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