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Blood Orange Brownies Kit

  • ● Sutter Buttes Orange Brownie Mix, Double Fudge Brownies with Blood Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil (16.5 oz. box). Super simple baking kit for quick and easy moist, chewy, homemade non-dairy chocolate brownies.
  • ● Process/Source – Harvested in our orange groves in Sutter Buttes, California, these blood oranges are handpicked, squeezed and infused into our Traditional Extra Virgin Olive Oil to create a harmonious and lively blend. The flavored oil is added to our favorite brownie recipe, formulating an award-winning and mouthwatering dessert.
  • ● Flavor – The rich, decadent flavor of Belgian chocolate combined with our tangy Premium Extra Virgin Blood Orange Olive Oil creates an outrageously tantalizing and full-flavored brownie treat. Citrusy and fruity, chocolatey and rich, the flavor of these brownies will engage your senses for a surreal brownie experience.
  • ● Features – Winner of the 2016 SOFI Award, our Blood Orange Brownie Mix is the ultimate choice for simple-to-make gooey homemade cocoa brownies. Follow a few simple instructions, add a single additional ingredient, and you’ve got the softest, most amazing flavored brownies, made from scratch.
  • ● Suitable For/Uses – Cut into bars or shape into small brownie bites for a beautiful dessert platter. Serve as is, or top with some frosting or glaze for a special presentation. These brownies are sure to please every palate, they can be served to all crowds for any occasion – parties, events, conferences, and more.