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You will find by using these basic items in everyday cooking that you can add gourmet flavor without all the time, effort, thought process of ideas and just enjoyment of bringing the cooking back home.


Box includes - Access to our exclusive online class. EVOO flavors of Fresh Harvest Garlic, Citrus Habanero, & Tuscan Herb. Balsamic Vinegar will include Lemon, Garlic Balsamic and Raspberry!


Fresh Harvest Garlic EVOO: Gold Medal - winning blend of fresh garlic and cold-pressed olive oil bursting with savory garlic flavor. (2 oz.)


Tuscan Herb EVOO: A wonderful blend of several herbs including oregano, basil, garlic, and rosemary make this olive oil a superior bread dipping and seasoning oil. It's a perfect balance of fresh herb flavors.  (2 oz.)


Citrus Habanero EVOO: Gold Medal - a mix of our award winning Meyer Lemon Olive Oil with a hint of habanero peppers. The bold citrus hits your palate first, then followed by the warm, fruity spice of the peppers. (2 oz.)


Lemon Balsamic: Now available in White Balsamic! Perfect as a glaze for salmon or other flavorful seafood. Adds a nice citrus touch when used in vinaigrettes. (2 oz.)


Raspberry Balsamic: Gold Medal - a wonderful indulgence of raspberries combined with our traditional balsamic vinegar will awaken your senses with its rich full-bodied flavor and vibrant aroma of fresh raspberries. (2 oz.)


Garlic Balsamic:  Our new White Garlic Balsamic - Very strong garlic flovor you're bound to love! (2 oz.)

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