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About Green Bay Olive Oil Company

Green Bay Olive Oil Co. was created in the spirit of recognizing all people are starved for time; time for ourselves and serving the ones we love. 

Dozens of flavors aides you to save time in the kitchen or anywhere you go. You will have world renowned tastes as a result, with time to spare. The best part is these flavors will encourage you to cook and be more creative.


There are a plethora of ideas to use olive oil and balsamic vinegar. To assist you, each flavor comes with a QR code for suggestions on how to use it. The website is soon to add many recipes with pictures. You’ll never wonder how to use any flavor in more than one way!

Whether you are a Master Chef or an inexperienced cook, Green Bay Olive Oil can cater your every need with flavors, specialty cooking items, amazing staff and great gift ideas. Please stop in and see us for a try!

The Trzinski Family

Together with my family, we busted our humps to launch high quality and trustworthy products. In turn we brought them to retail shelves. This growth trajectory has not always been easy but knowing our consumers love of the product with the legwork performed will continue to keep Green Bay Olive Oil Co. ever evolving for the better.  

You will always have a hand crafted product in small batches and your patronage means a big deal to a small town business. 

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