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About Green Bay Olive Oil Company

Green Bay Olive Oil Co. was created in the spirit of empathetically recognizing all people are starved for time; time for cooking and serving the ones we love. Unimpressed by grocery store olive oils and oil store chains, I found a way to bring all of the flavor and less time to cook, without sacrificing the natural ingredients, health benefits or flavor.

My culinary background and love of research made a trip down the olive oil grocery aisle into a global adventure. There were California bottles, but also Spanish, Italian and even Greek ones. I knew I needed help on picking the best one. Green Bay Olive Oil Company landed in Tunisia, Africa because of a party I threw for guests. My guests voted on each taste from regions all over the world and Tunisia was by far the landslide to other regions.

So, the next day I cold called the importer and farmer. Together with my family, we busted our humps to launch the products and bring them to retail shelves including my own storefront. This growth trajectory has not always been easy but knowing our consumers love of the product with the legwork I performed will continue to keep Green Bay Olive Oil Co. ever evolving for the better.  


The Trzinski Family

I am excited to teach consumers the different ways of using both oil and balsamic vinegar for marinating, already prepared foods, beverages, desserts, you name it and there is a plethora of ideas. Every flavor purchase comes with a suggestion card that offers different ideas on how to use it with examples from appetizers through drinks. You’ll never wonder how to use your flavor in more than one way.

My belief is that you should "try before you buy" hence "Home of the Flavor Tap" was born. It's a tasting bar in the store that you can try any of the 38 flavors of oil, balsamic and pantry items before you buy. You should never wonder if you like a flavor before you buy it, you should know!

Whether you are a Master Chef or an inexperienced cook, Green Bay Olive Oil can cater your every need with our flavors, amazing staff and fun gift ideas. Please stop in and see us for a try!

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